To establish the extent, types, location, and intensity of bullying between students.

To provide data on bullying for each school.

To provide information to support awareness raising at staff seminar.

To provide a base line on which evaluation of the success of anti-bullying measures can be based.


Staff Training

Raise awareness and knowledge of bullying.

Inform staff about the extent and location of bullying in each school from survey feedback.

Highlight the effects of bullying on victims, bullies and bystanders.

Offer strategies on how to manage bullying.

Obtain staff consensus about unacceptable behaviour.

Illustrate how to investigate and resolve bullying.

Develop skills for teaching lessons on all forms of bullying.


Parent Talks

Definition of bullying including cyber-bullying.

Knowledge of the characteristics of bullying behaviour.

Knowledge of the effects of bullying.

How to recognize the signs that a young person is being bullied.

How to work with the school to deal with bullying.

Coping strategies as a parent of a victim.

Coping strategies as a parent of a bully.


Internet safety


Pupil Education

How to define and identify bullying.

How to ask for help.

How to make a class agreement about bullying.

How to act safely as a bystander.

Relational bullying.

Cyber bullying.

Homophobic and transphobic bullying.

Identity based bullying.

Internet safety.

Objectives of seminars for whole staff are to:

Objectives of whole staff seminar on Investigating and Resolving bullying are that staff will:

Objectives of Parent Seminar are to:

  • Raise parental awareness about bullying.
  • Define bullying and provide examples.
  • Raise awareness about the signs and effects of bullying.
  • Offer advice about how to support a young person involved in bullying.
  • Offer advice about communicating effectively with schools when problems arise.
  • Offer workshops about unacceptable behaviours under the school’s anti-bullying bullying policy and achieve consensus about these.
  • Address issues of the unacceptability of bullying behaviours to all members of the school community.
Please note that all training is suitable for Relevant Teachers.